Bad Experience with Roosevelt Auto Body

Mansfield, Pennsylvania 1 comment

In all, our car was there for almost 6 weeks - when we were told it would be 1-2.To be fair, they did find additional damage - and had to order parts.

But 6 weeks? Anyway, the real complaint is that even though they acknowledged how long it took, they still refused to compensate us in any way. We ended up absorbing costs and enormous inconvenience having to scramble around like that, with them telling us each week, "it will be ready on Friday." But that's not all. When we finally got the car back it stalled about 5 miles away...and wouldn't restart.

They had returned the car (a hybrid) with a dead battery. But wait, there's more. They also did not complete the job, as discussed.

We still have an issue with the electric windows.

Review about: Body Work.



:cry :cry :cry :cry this is another great case of a person who feels everytime they are inconvenienced they should be compensated what about the shop who found more damage and them haveing to keep your car that long should they be compensated that put a hold to another work they needed to do do to space seems the shop is the one who lost the most to me :cry :cry :cry :cry

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